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Massage Services

Swedish Massage - relaxes the muscles, reduces stress and increases circulation. 
                                           30 min    $40                                                   
                                           60 min    $65
                                           90 min    $90

Deep Tissue/Neuromuscular Massage- helps ease chronic muscular pain and eliminate trigger points that cause referred pain.  

                                           30 min     $50 
                                           60 min     $75
                                           90 min     $100

Therapeutic  Massage- combines both relaxation for the superficial muscles as well as some firmer pressure mixed with gentle stretching  for a full body massage. Great for recovery after over exertion with exercise.

                                           30 min   $45                                                                                                                                                      60 min    $70                                                                                                                                                    90 min    $95

Prenatal Massage (2nd & 3rd trimester only)- Certified therapists help alleviate the pain & discomfort associated with pregnancy. Safety and comfort are of utmost importance. 

                                          60 min      $70
                                          90 min      $95              

Hot Stone Massage - heated basalt stones provide soothing warmth to promote circulation, relaxation and facilitate deep-tissue work.

                                           75 min     $85

Add on services to massage sessions:

Mini Face/Scalp Massage-Focused massage for the face and scalp around the sinuses and pressure points.

15 min   $15

Deluxe Foot Treatment- Exfoliating foot scrub with moisturizing mud mask to stimulate circulation and revive achy feet.

                                       30 min   $30         

Mini Foot Treatment-Peppermint infused foot, ankle, and calf massage using cooling gels and hot towels to revive tired and achy feet. 

15 min $15                                                                                           

Chair Massage - seated and fully clothed, concentrates mainly on back neck and shoulders. Typically 15-30 minutes 

                                           $1  per minute

On-site Chair Massage- Employee/customer appreciation, luncheons, holiday parties, sports events, health fairs, open houses. Each person receives 5-10 minutes. Booked by the hour.**

                                            60 min    $80 first hour, $1 per minute thereafter

**$80 deposit required to book appointment